Today the Rabbi spoke about spirituality and how we teach our kids. It was an interesting introspection into how I personally view spirituality. I believe there is a force outside of myself. But how can I teach something so abstract to my kids?  Come on, they are only 7 and 3!  Rabbi spoke about the Torah portion in terms of time. G-d had a different activity each day. Then at the end of the day he took a moment to look back on his work. When he did this, he proclaimed it was good. Then, at the end of six days, he took a moment to look at the entire week and proclaimed it was very good. It is showing us that we need to take the time on a regular basis and center ourselves to witness all we have accomplished!   It how can we do this with our kids?  Each day, take time at either dinner or bedtime to review the day with our kids individually. Look how good the day was and all we accomplished!  And at the end of the week, take Shabbat as an entire day to relax and reflect on how very good the entire week as a whole was!

It’s the little things to impress on my kids. But also take the time for myself and center myself to remember that we all were made in the image of G-d.  To connect to ourselves is to also connect to G-d. Thinking of it that way makes it feel so much more important to me. Wow!


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